Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

Zacky Vengeance Guitar, Amps, Effects Units and Accessories

Zacky Vengeance dalam karirnya menggunkan Schecter Guitar.

Guitar :
• The Vengeance standard
• The Vengeance Standard model (rebel flag as seen in " Walk" at Ozzfest in 2006)
• The ZV camo (seen using in Glasgow 2010)
• The ZV special designed by Zacky Vengeance
• The ZV custom (His first custom given by schecter)
• The ZV Blade
• The ZV special & custom with FR (as seen behind the scenes in the Live in the LBC DVD)
• The ZV mirror (as seen in Nightmare music video and on the Nightmare Tour.)
• The ZV "Gynecologist" with blood splatters. This version is different to the others as this comes with Seymour Duncan Invaders instead of his usual Seymour Duncan SH-4 "JB" set (now with white SH-4"JB"set)
• Vengeance has many custom shop S-1 models made exclusively for him.
• All models are loaded with Seymour Duncan JB Pickups.
• Formerly a Gibson SG left- handed was used by him (as seen in Warmness on the Soul music video)
• Seen using a Schecter PT series custom at the HEAVY MTL 2010
• In 2009 he was seen using a Fender Telecaster (blonde/ creme) (this guitar was also used during performances of Buried Alive in 2010)
• Schecter S-1 with duncan designed hb-102
• Schecter Hellraiser Avenger (Black Cherry, Left-handed)
• Schecter S-1 custom (New in December 2010)
• Schecter S-1 bullseye custom as seen in Uproar backstage.
• Schecter Tempest Extreme Vengeance Custom (This model has vengeance blades on the knobs)

Amps :
• Marshall Cabinet 4x12
• Jet City JCA100H

Effects units and accessories :
• Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
• Boss Gt 8
• ISP Decimator
• Voodoo Lab GCX Audio Switcher
• Palmer junction DI
• Ernie Ball "Skinny Top, Heavy Bottom 10-52" strings
• Dunlop Tortex Vengeance university 0.73mm (VU logo)
• Dunlop foREVer commemrative strap (only 2 of these have been made,both owned by Zacky)
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