Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011

Johnny Christ Quotes

"Pretty much, expect anything. It's gonna be an Avenged Sevenfold show with some production and good music."

"We're a very diverse band and we can jump to different places. That's one thing we pride ourselves on. We want to evolve as a band. Each album is different, and we don't wanna keep making the same album. We never will."

"It's gonna be done either way. As a band, we really can't do anything about it. We're just happy that fans get the music somehow and come out to the shows. Whether we like it or not, it's gonna happen. So we have to embrace it. There's still a lot of fans out there that come to our shows, and that is what's really important." 2008 referencing illegal downloading

"When the political stuff comes up we're not choosing a side, right or wrong, or anything like that. But there is shit going on, and we want people to make their own decisions about it. At some point, people have to take responsibility for themselves. It's not really about right or left, whatever the fuck you feel. There is shit going on and someone has to do something about it. So we're not very political in that sense." 2008

"Anytime you reinvent yourself or do something you want to do, there are going to be people who don't understand it, because it's you. I think overall it was a good response and it's doing really well right now.”

“It took seven months of writing, and with recording and everything, I think it was about 10 months. We did 'Waking the Fallen' in, I think, a total of two months.”

"We are cocky. I'm not going to deny that.”

"I'm attracted to artists who are a little crazy."

"Coming face to face with your heroes in person is cool. Having someone like Rex Brown of Pantera come backstage saying he respects your playing is surreal."

“That would be the most fun ever. It would be a big party.”

"We used it to come out and start some controversy in the local scene when we were growing up. We didn't care.”

"I definitely wish I'd taken some technical training at some point because the lack of it definitely hindered my goals. I will continue to teach myself because I'm never satisfied. It's cool I love learning naturally on the road."

"Well, the thing is, I actually have a fear of horses, so I wouldn’t make a very good cowboy."

"If I ever wanted a gnome, I guess I'd just stand out on my lawn for a while."

"This one time I stayed up way past my bedtime... man that was scary."

"I don’t like to impress anybody; they can all suck my dick."

"Ozzfest is much more concert orientated rather than festival like which I prefer. You get a chance to see every band at Ozzfest. At warped we'd have to miss one band to see another which sucked."

"The prince of darkness is an amazing man who we respect greatly. He's been a very big supporter of our music and for that we are eternally grateful." Referencing Ozzy Osborne.

"Our fans whether they are 14 or 40 get along great. Our fans are amazing and diverse and we wouldn't tour 310 days a year if they weren't."

"True fans stick behind bands through thick and thin and we've been lucky enough to have some amazing fans."

"That's just how we've always been from album to album. The new one has always been a departure from the last one because we kinda want that What the Fuck? Reaction."

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