Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

The Rev's Drum Kit

DRUMS DW Collector Series with a Snakeskin Wrap and Black Hardware
1. 22" x 18" Bass Drum
2. 14" x 5" Vintage Bronze Snare
with Black Hardware
3. 8" x 5" Tom
4. 8" x 7" Tom
5. 10" x 8" Tom
6. 12" x 9" Tom
7. 16" x 9" Tom
8. 18" x 16" Tom

A. 14" AAX-Celerator Hi-Hats Brilliant
B. 19" Paragon Chinese
C. 11" Signature Max Splash
D. 10" AAX Splash Brilliant
E. 19" AAX Metal Crash
F. 10" Chopper Effects Cymbal
G. 20" AAX Metal Crash Brilliant
H. 18" Signature Fierce Crash
I. 22" AAX Metal Ride Brilliant
J. 19" AAXtreme Chinese Brilliant

• Dw drums custom snakeskin wrap and black hardware: 8"x5" tom (not in use on tour), 8"x7" tom, 10"x8" tom, 12"x9" tom, 14"x11" tom, 16"x14" tom, 18"x16" tom, 22"x18" bassdrum (x3) and a 14"x5" snare with chrome hardware and 14"x6,5" DW bronze metal snare drum series with black hardware. Jimmy uses differents DW rack parts including DW Super Main Rack, DW Side Rack, many clamps dan boom stands for microphones dan cymbals.

DW Pedals:

DW 9000 PC Single Pedal(x2: The Rev hanya menggunakan 2 pedal tunggal karena ia tidak menggunakan bass drum ketiga karena hanya digunakan untuk pajangan. Jadi Bass drum ke tiga tidak digunakan. The Rev menggunakan black Roc-N-Soc Nitro drum throne.

• Di studio pada album terakhir self-titled, The Rev menggunakan juga cymbal Zildjian: Dia menggunakan 18" Oriental Classic China instead of the Paragon, two 21" Zildjian Z- Custom Mega Bell Rides instead of the AAX Metal Rides dan an A- Custom Projection Crash instead of the AAX Metal Crashes

Drum Sticks:
• Pro-Mark TX5BW Signature Model(5B) dan Easton Ahead 5B pada rekaman Album Self-Titled
• Evans Heads: Batter/Resonant
• Tom: Evans G2/Evans G1
• Snare: Evans Power Center Reverse Dot/ Evans Hazy 300 snare side
• Bass drum: Evans EMAD/Evans Resonant Black (excepted that for the third bass drum it is a DW 22" Clear/Coated batter head because it comes with the kit and he stills not uses this bass drum.)
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