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Synyster Gates Quotes

"My dad was always playing, always touring. He's not the best teacher in the world. He used to get frustrated but I pulled it out of him. Things like Black dog, Stairway to Heaven, the stuff I first learnt, it was from him. It's cool having him on the album with us, he likes doing it, and he's pretty darn good. I'm a little better but whatever! He's unreal and he's played with everybody and he's great in the studio. Plus with "So Far Away" I had to have my father with me on that song, obviously." Responding to the question reguarding his dad being an inspiration to him. Metal Hammer October 2010.

"I am an intelligent drunk because an intelligent drunk carries his liquor with him" House of Blues Myrtle Beach, SC 11-28-2008

"I really pride myself that my band has not changed. We're still the same group of guys that goes home and has dinner together and gets drunk together and does the same stuff. When we bought our homes, our nice, big houses, we still moved close to mom's house. Mentally, we're the same; it's just what we do for a living."

"I think all of our personalities in the band are pretty eccentric, in a way. Just a little bit out there."

"I've never heard the man not be able to talk. We actually flew out to do the gig knowing there was some underlying problem. He made it through the first show and was a bad ass about it. But woke up the next morning and couldn't physically talk. So he pushed himself way too far and went home and he was really rough for a couple of days. And his vocal coach and his doctors and different propel prescribed him four weeks of vocal rest. So he walked around with a chalk board. He would write letters to us." referencing Matt’s Vocal strain and subsequent cancellation of tour dates in October 2008

"We worked out asses off for this record we were in the studio for three months working 12 to 14 hour days until our fingers were falling off, or until our vocal cords were toast. That's just how we do things. The DVD (All Excess) represents us perfectly, because it has excerpts from the last 10 years of our lives, being with friends in the biggest partying situations and the biggest workaholic situations that we put ourselves in. If you take that and listen to our music, you can tell we are a dead serious band. We grew up together and we love hanging out with each other. Things get a little wild sometimes but that’s what you get" Referencing Avenged Sevenfold the album

"Oh I love illegal down loading! It's brought us awareness, enabling us to go on tour. Where kids have no money to buy music, they download it, and that helps to spread the word."

"When people tell me I am better than I think I am I feel good about myself."

"I think we have just become a really fearless band that pretty much does what we want to do. Now we are not afraid to experiment with anything"

"I do my best to concentrate on the day. Even if it's kind of a bad day. I don't spend the time wishing for the next day to come. Cause if the next day is fucking bad, then I’m just wasting my life wishing for death."

"This is a tight unit-we'll hang- out with you but......"

"There have been physical assaults. I've been kicked and called names."

"There are definitely people out there that would kill us."

"I've been awake for 4 days straight on drugs. That was the longest."

"We are so passionate about this band that we don't want to fuck up".

"If I had to do anything else in this world I would be a failure. I was an honor student until 4th grade, when I got a guitar in my hand. Then I quickly became an educational failure. This is all I can do now and I want to do the best."

"I'm totally going to do a big line of coke off my first gold record".

"Our biggest fear is to be lumped into one category. We first got labeled as a metalcore band. So we quit screaming. Now we're bringing all these influences together to forge an A7X style."

"When we started out on "City of Evil" we were like if it happens, but we didn't expect any of this stuff. I'm just really proud that we wrote the album that we did and that it did cross-over, because it's pretty ridiculous, crazy, ambitious album. For it to be accepted in the world of radio and MTV and to win the VMA. It's pretty insane!

"When you play A7X music, your fingers are going to get sore and your drummer is going to have leg spasms."

"Being different is curtail these days but it gets harder all the time to get there sanely".

"I love jazz from a metal stand point crazy arpeggios with tons of altered holes but equally palatable as the straight ahead stuff. Anything to make it heavier, goofier, funnier. I'm a big climax guy. I want every song to be a roller coaster ride, but to never forget about structure and melody. You broaden fans horizons if you do it right."

"When I joined the band I couldn't play rhythm guitar worth a shit".

"Playing with a good drummer like the Rev makes out lives easier. We've been playing with the Rev practically our whole lives and he's always had a great groove."

"We can lay back and play a great show for ourselves and our fans, without having to look back at the dickhead ruining the song".

"We seem to know the difference between polishing a turd and having something really good".

"As a band, we think similarly even though we come from such vastly different genres".

"My number-one favorite metal lead guitar player of all time is Dimebag Darrell. Slash is also one of the tastiest players ever".

"Welcome to Casa de la Syn"

"I know we have this reputation of partying but I think we have all grown up alot over the last few years".

“We work our fucking asses off and then partying comes second".

"I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years and I decided that I wasn't going to do anymore fucking around because this girl’s rad. God bless the groupies but I'm in a different stage of my life now. I feel bad for them. They'll be waiting a lot longer than they thought they were gonna".

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